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My blogging habits lately have been a constant work in progress. I have a close friend who let me know of her disappointment that I hadn’t written since January. I will earnestly try do better! Although my intentions are good, I’m sure that many of you have fallen into the trap of wanting to post but fail to do so also.

Recently I have had a moment of sudden revelation and insight, an epiphany, of sorts, and will begin working to change how often I post. This is always my aim and goal. I do truly enjoy bringing new and quality content to my readers (however many of you there may be left!). My epiphany was that I need to write about what inspires me, what’s dear to me, what excites me and what I’m passionate about. This sounds like a total no-brainer, right? Well, I have a confession to make. I was listening to the many so-called “blogging gurus” of the web and social media “experts”, and things got pretty confusing! I think I lost myself because I wasn’t being true to who I am. I wasn’t being my authentic self.

I have both heard and read that business blogs should be kept separate from personal blogs. This notion has caused me to search and search for a way to marry the very two things that I am passionate about in a way that wouldn’t disrupt my business. Big mistake! I caused myself much anxiety and stress, not to mention that many lack-luster posts may have been shared in the process. I was trying to please the imaginary “powers that be” and I didn’t even know who they were or why I should even care to listen to them…Still don’t!

I now see that I don’t have to separate my passions and I can do what ever I want! Why follow everyone else’s rules? One rule in photography is that you can “break the rules, but only after you know what the rules are”. Admittedly, I’m still learning about business, blogging, and social media, but I’m ready to throw the rules out the window!

I hope that you’ll join me as I venture down this new path. I know that it’s going to be an amazing journey! Just a heads up…there will be many changes in the coming months and I hope that you will stick around for them!


As promised, these are the photos from my photo 365 project. Be sure to check out the whole project on my Flickr page if you are new to the blog or want to see past week’s photos. As always, your feedback is welcome! I’d LOVE to hear what you have to say!


Today I was reading a blog of a fellow photographer who I follow on Twitter. It had been a while since I had visited her blog so I decided to stay a while to see what she has been up to. Her name, Tasha Prescott and she is an amazing photographer and a superhero in her own right! She has been leading her own revolution combating comfort zones! Getting out of your comfort zone, to be exact. She recently led her first photography workshop, which she was extremely nervous about, but calm because she knew that God would see her through! I truly admire her faith and how she unapologetically shares her authentic self!

Thank you for bearing with me, I had to get that in!

Well, I was reading her post titled “Pockets or Passion” and it really struck a cord with me. She spoke of the numerous amateurs entering the photographic field while those who entered the field for passion’s sake are becoming few and far between. ¬†Reading this post helped me to recall the passion that drove me to pursue my calling to be a photographer (yes, calling!). It helped me to get in touch with the drive that I had to succeed. Lately that drive has been watered down by life and it has been a struggle to get it back, to say the least. Have I lost my faith along the way?…

Although I can honestly say that I am not a “pocket” (nor have I ever been ,nor will I ever be), I am grateful to know that this is what I was created to do and that I will become exactly who I was created to be!

I hope to re-ignite the passion that still lies within me and to go on to accomplish my goals and dreams that I have for myself. This will require getting out of my comfort zone and becoming the best friend of the unknown. Scary. But, I know that I can do it through God and lots of hard work!

Thank you, Ms. T for being you and sharing your courage and faith which inspires others!

Today I was very tempted to call it quits! My post-a-day challenge for my blog, that is. I started out very excited and full of many ¬†great reasons to want to complete this project, but, like with many things, along the way I have gotten a bit ________ (I can’t find the right word). I knew that this was going to be a difficult challenge, yet I also knew that I would be up for it and that I am able to complete it. I love a great challenge because I like to pust my limits to see just what I am made of and what I can do.

We all have latent talents and abilities within us that are just waiting to be tapped into and used to help us become our greatest self. I’ve always been a great writer, yet when I try to begin a blog post I find that I am speechless and lacking what to say. Many times I just stare at the screen wondering what to say and it never comes.

To help combat this “writer’s block” I need to begin planning my blog posts in advance, just in case I don’t have a topic for any given day or I find myself needing to post at 11:59p. I think I find it so difficult to come up with topics because

1. I read waaaay tooo much and eveyone has contrasting and differeing opinions about an endless plethora of topics that turns out to be everything and

2. I find that I get in my own head and confuse the issue by thinking that I need to separate personal posts from business posts. Psst, guess what, it really doesn’t matter! I can do WHATEVER I want (and whether or not this works is a different story).

I find that, for me, it isn’t easy to separate business posts from personal posts because the two often intertwine and are very connected. I’m sure you’re thinking that I should separate then for good measure, but I’m ok with this convergence. Besides, it’s a great way to get to know me (not be all in my business, but to see me as a person, you know the photographer that you want to hire!).

So, the verdict is, that I’m going to continue my post-a-day challenge, but it would be great to have your help!

How do you come up with great topics for your blog? What topics concerning photography would you like to see on my blog? What keeps you coming back to my blog again and again?

Last week when I was in San Antonio for Imaging USA, I had the opportunity to meet Celebrity photographer Matthew Jordan Smith. One of my main reasons for attending the conference was to take his class & to be able to learn more about how to break into the competitive world of commercial photography. I have been doing ok so far, but I know that there is more to learn.

Before his class started I was able to shake his hand and let him know why I wanted to take his class. After the class, I was one among the many to have my photo taken with him. Later that evening after the classes were done & the expo was being packed, we crossed paths. “Hello, again!” I said as I passed by in a hurried rush to meet my roommates for dinner.

Once we all walked the River Walk & settled on where we wanted to eat, lo & behold, he was at the restaurant which we chose also, having dinner. At that point I was going back & forth in my mind about if I should say something, but I didn’t. Besides, whom wants to be bothered while they’re having dinner.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and last night as I was laying in bed, I found myself going over the events of that day. I can’t help but to wonder if I missed out on a great opportunity to be able to just chat and learn more about the industry from someone who is where I would one day like to be. Does this all sound crazy? Did I really miss a great opportunity? What do you think I should have done?

Wow, I really need to do better about keeping my blog up to date. I’ll work on it, I promise. Well, I’ve been really busy shooting and editing all of the images that I’ve been capturing. One thing before I continue, I want to share the fact that I would like this blog to be about all of the great and new experiences that I have on my journey in my photography business. I am not here to just be a photographer, but to help and to serve my fellow man and neighbor as Jesus has commanded.

Last week I had the pleasure to attend the Hillsong United Conference here in Houston, TX as part of the media, held at the Grace Community Church. It was such an awesome experience! I also had the great opportunity to meet Shannon Walker of Integrity Music, who, by the way, is a wonderful and helpful person. I just wanted to share some words with you from the press conference that was held and afterwards images (of course) from the concert that followed!

Joel Houston, one of the founding members of Hillsong United, gave a synopsis of what the Hillsong group is all about, starting with the fact that he helped form a local church in Sydney, Australia. The group is about church, people, and praising God. He feels as though “God has birthed this ministry” into them to go out and to show what worship is all about. From this ministry the “I Heart” Revolution was born.

On Friday, August 22, there was a release screening of the DVD “With Hearts As One” and I must say that it was really powerful. People began to worship God right along with the DVD as they watched, I’ve never seen anything like it. It was an amazing experience.

The “I Heart” Revolution is a revolution about serving God and bringing youth with a like-minded urgency to serve God together. Joel doesn’t feel as though they’re called to “Christian Entertainment” and said that they felt burdened to take what they do a step further. He also feels a need to communicate what God is doing and to share the heart behind the songs that they sing.

“We need to look beyond our differences and see what we have in common” expressed Joel. “If we can be the hands and feet of Jesus locally, then globally we can start to see a change. Together we can see that our little piece of the canvas is painting God’s total picture. It’s about the unseen, about charity, about showing God’s love!”


Joel Houston, Jonathan Douglass (JD), Annie of Hillsong United

Joel Houston, Jonathan Douglass (JD), Annie of Hillsong United

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