This morning as I was praying as I was pinning quotes on Pinterest and reading emails (sounds like they totally shouldn’t go together) , I can across this article from Unstuck in my inbox. The first line really grabbed me because just a couple of weeks ago, I was thinking that I really needed a routine.

I have been going about my days trying to get a “grasp” on things and to try to create a  routine. It’s been a complete failure, might I add. Of course routine has its place and can be very useful, but currently, I am not one who does routine well. I think of myself as a freer spirit than most and I have been looking for ways to get back to that now that I am working a full-time day job. Of course, I throw myself into my day job and do it to the best of my ability, but it has a weekly routine and there’s not much creativity involved (stay tuned for my post on the benefits that I have found on working a “9 to 5” job).

While reading the article on Unstuck’s website, I felt like I was reading my thoughts on the page, just without the actions to go with it. I constantly daydream about traveling the world and seeing all that God has created in this beautiful world, but I’m stuck on how I can do that with a husband and a teenager to take care of. I think that I’ll start small and begin taking local day or weekend trips and see what happens from there.

I hope that you will stick with me on this journey, besides life is always more fun when you share it with others!

Do you think that having a routine is necessary? Do you have a routine? If so, how has it helped you? If not, why?