Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA

As 2012 came to a close, what I was most looking forward to was exploring the cities and towns surrounding our new home here in Louisiana, namely New Orleans. We planned a trip to NOLA to ring in the new year and to explore the rich history there. Waking early to get on the road afforded us the opportunity to see the sun rise and enjoy the morning’s beautiful changing light.

The scenery and imagery (post to come soon) was very inspiring and brought to mind many thoughts about what I would like to accomplish in this year as the sound track playing takes me back to my teenage years and all of the hopeful aspirations that I once held for myself. Even amidst the setting for wonderful creativity, I couldn’t help but meditate on the fact the God has blessed us with so much within the last year. I kept trying to go one way in my train of thought, but my mind returned to how rich I am! Not necessarily in money, but in love and in meaningful relationships and friendships.

Each place that we travel to, we never leave without friends that undoubtedly become part of our growing family. To me, this speaks volumes to the type of people that we are and our character. At first glance, it may not seem like much, but once you dive deeper, it’s something that can’t be bought.

Speaking of blessing, one of my blessings as well as a goal that I had for myself last year was to not be “in my head” so much. You know, over thinking and dissecting every little thing and being such a perfectionist? For me, it had been really difficult not to read more into everything and think about it until nothing was left, but I am very pleased that I was able to stick to this goal.  The result?

Less stress!

This year I want to continue on this path of not being “in my head”, but add to that finishing what I start.

I have several other goals for myself this year, like to travel more (more to come on that) and to be more consistent in my blogging, but these are the main two that I want to focus on.

Here’s to a new year filled with much travel and new relationships! Happy 2013!

What are you looking forward to most in 2013?

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