“Give thanks for what your are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow.”

In the spirit of this season of giving thanks I’ve compiled a list of 30 reasons that I’m most thankful (in no particular order). This list doesn’t just begin and end today, but rather extends into my everyday life. I hope you enjoy it!

1. The Holy Spirit
2. My wonderful family
3. Food to eat
4. Clean water
5. A warm home
6. The ability to do what I love
7. Waking up this morning
8. A loving husband
9. Best friends that are there for me
10. Beautiful photographic images
11. Flip flops when it’s hot
12. Cold weather to remind me to be grateful for hot weather
13. Seasons & changing leaves
14. Beautiful light
15. Opportunities to travel
16. The beauty that lies in hearing the stories of others
17. Dreams & goals
18. Courage to go after my dreams & goals
19. Being able to be a mom to my nephew
20. To know the truth of God
21. My husband’s job
22. Ice cream
23. The ability & desire  to run
24. Great music
25. Natural hair
26. God’s protection
27.  The freedom to learn
28. Great hugs!
29. The ability to adapt to new situations
30. Embracing everything that makes me unique

What are you Thankful for? Share in the comments below.