For those who follow me on my various social media networks, you may know that I attended a networking event today. The event was with a group of entrepreneurs that I normally don’t network with, but it turned out to be such a positive experience. I had thrown networking to the wind a few months back because I just didn’t feel that I was getting the results that I wanted and I wasn’t heading in the direction that I wanted to go. Once I took a step back to re-evaluate some things, I decided to networking another try.

As the event began, I met many new people. I made my way back around to the manager of the establishment, whom I had already introduced myself, and he asks “Hey, where’s your camera?”

“Oh, it’s in the car”, I respond.

And from that one question, I was asked to take some photos for the group. I didn’t mind that it was impromptu because I was prepared and I strongly believe that this experience will lead to more business in the future. I was also able to meet and be introduced to others at the meeting who will need my services in the future.

Because of my photo-a-day (project 365) project I was able to be prepared! This is one of the biggest benefits that I have reaped so far.

“You’re a photographer, you should have your camera with you at all times anyway!”, you must be thinking. While this is true, I can honestly say that a year ago, I would not have had my camera and would have no doubt missed out on a great opportunity. I would only take it along if I knew that I was going to use it or need it. I’m learning and growing! This is definitely a step in the right direction.

I will definitely make sure that I continue to grow and to be prepared so that I won’t have to miss ANY opportunity that comes my way.