You’ve heard me mention several times within the passed several weeks that I have been working on various projects with the Houston Arts Alliance (HAA). The program that this project falls under is the Folklife & Traditional Arts Program at the HAA.The main project that I have been working on them with since July of 2010 is called “Sacred Songs, Sacred Sites“. This project is “the first major project of the Houston Folklife & Traditional Arts Program”.

Sacred Songs, Sacred Sites is a program that spans 6 months and addresses artistic and cultural tradition in the city’s diverse faith groups. These traditions are central to cultural as well as religious identity. Because they are such an important part of the lives of these communities, these traditions provide a truly significant way to introduce Houstonians to their many neighbors.”

I have had the great opportunity to be one of the main photographers chosen to participate in documenting the various communities for this project. I have had a great time over the passed months learning more about the communities and people that we have been photographing. There are so many different cultural and religious communities within Houston and they all have a great story to share. We have met many wonderful people in who have been more than willing to share the ins-and outs of their religious tradition.

Tonight we are going to brave the cold to document the Chinese New Year that several of the communities here in Houston celebrate. You can check out what we’re doing tonight by following me on twitter.

You can read more about this project and the various events and activities that are scheduled by visiting the Houston Folklife Blog.