Today was the last day of the Imaging USA and I was tiring, yet very rewarding! I attended 4 classes/seminars which included the class that I was looking forward to the most with celebrity photographer, Matthew Jordan Smith. I discovered his work several years ago when I was in photography school and have been a fan ever since. I check his website often to view his latest work and read his blog from time to time.

I was looking forward to his class the most because I have find his work to be very inspirational and I have learned a lot from studying his images. What I appreciate about him most is that he isn’t afraid to share his knowledge with other photographers. After all,what will make me successful is inside of me (the same for you) & no one else can copy that!

So, I wanted to share I learned today collectively from all of the speakers that I heard:

    • Focus on what I am doing in my business and not look at what the competition is doing because I can become too preoccupied; what I’m doing has nothing to do with them & vice versa.
    • Discover the things that I love, enjoy & that cause me to smile at the thought of them.
    • Do things that will set me apart from others and that will allow my true unique personality to show through.
    • Have personal projects that I shoot..push myself visually!
    • Learn to find inspiration in the things around me.
    • Don’t hold back! Everything that I need is within me and I just need to have the confidence to share that with everyone else.
    • Always dream big!

Theses are just a few main points among many and I hope to implement them within my business this year for maximum growth potential.

If you attended Imaging USA, what are some of the things that you learned?