As I mentioned in my post yesterday, this year I have decided to complete a project of taking a photo-a-day (Project 365). I was mulling over the idea of whether or not I wanted to do this project and figured that it would be a great goal for me to accomplish personally. I started this project last year, but only made it to day 3 without posting a single image. I figured that if I was going to actually go for it this year, then I needed to be fully committed to completing the task.

A fellow photographer friend of mine asked me if I was doing the project this year and said that if I decided to, that we could keep one another accountable. SO, I said yes!  Things are going well so far and I have been mindful to of what my goal is each day!

Many people do this project each year for many different reasons. Personally, I have several reasons why I wanted to give this project another shot.

1. Have my camera at all times! I wanted to get in the habit of carrying my camera with me at all times and to be ready to shoot at any given moment. I always have a small digital camera with me or use my camera on my camera on my phone to take images, but I want to have my Nikon with me .

2. Boost my creativity! This project will force me to create images of new subject matter so that I don’t sit around the house taking images of the dust bunnies in the corner! There’s plenty out there that’s waaaaay more interesting!

3. Get out of my comfort zone! In order to grow, we must do new things that involve us being uncomfortable for a while. I am willing to be uncomfortable if it will help me to reach my goals. I spent much of 2010 in my comfort zone and at the end of the year I felt as though I should have done more! My goal for this year is to make progress!

These are just my main reasons, but there are many other great reasons like meeting new people, trying new things, and just getting out of the house more!

I’ll be posting the daily images to my Flickr account. You can check it each day to make sure I’m staying on top of things and to leave a comment (which is appreciated)! The images will also be posted in the Flickr 365 2011 Group. Below are my images since January 1. What do you think?