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Every so often I get to go back to my hometown of Cincinnati, OH to visit my friends and family. I always try to get a few sessions in while I’m there because it’s a great change of pace from Houston. On a visit earlier this year I had the opportunity to do a session with one of my very best friends! Meet Jasmyne, or Jazzi, as I like to call her!

Jazzi is charismatic and has a wonderfully energetic personality that you can’t help but to love! She is very outgoing, caring, genuine and did I mention that she LOVES to shop?! She is always dressed in her best from head to toe (or H to T, as Tyra Banks like to say) and I love her sense of style! This shoot was one of my favorites this year because I was able to truly be myself and just shoot. We have a great relationship so there were no hurdles to try to get over.

Portrait Photography by Debra Ham Photography of Houston & Pearland, TX

I do sometimes get nervous before shoots and I always try to build and nurture the relationships with my clients so that I am at ease. This shoot showed me the importance of having a great relationship with my clients and how it can greatly help my creativity!

Our other best friend (my cousin) Jamie came along for moral support and we got some shots with her also! I love my best friends! And I can’t wait to shoot with them again!