We have been having some beautiful weather here in Houston lately, so today I decided to take advantage of it! I normally spend most of the day working at home, not getting out as much as I would like when I have a deadline to meet. I know that I need to get out of the house when I start feeling caged in and my creativity begins to wane. The familiarity of my surroundings leave me uninspired & I spend too much time on menial, unimportant tasks (like watching tv).

I decided to work from Hermann Park sitting in the shade of Miller Outdoor Theater where a nice cool breeze was blowing! Just wonderful! Getting away from my usual surroundings really made my day (not to mention the fresh air that really did me some good!).

I relish this moment because previous to finding this cool place to relax & work in, I had a phone conversation with my husband about feeling stuck. I know that we all feel this way from time to time & I’m sure that you can tell from my posts that I have had my share of feeling this way this year! But I am tired of feeling this way and it frustrated him to hear me say this for the millionth time. He gave me a stern, yet loving pep talk that really helped to open my eyes.

From our conversation I realized that I am not meant to fit inside of the preverbial “box”. I have been working really hard to do the things that I thought that I should be doing, when doing things my way was perfectly fine.

It still yielded results & I was a lot happier! I think that I was working so hard at not fitting into the box that I was actually trying to fit inside of it.

Confusing, I know! Just imagine my frustration and anxiety at all of this!

After our talk I felt a sense of relief to get back to being me & doing things my way, just as I see/feel they should be done.

Ahhhh, my work for the day is done!

So, how do you set yourself apart and keep yourself outside of the box? How do you keep things fresh so that you don’t get stuck in a rut? Do share! I’d love to hear your feedback.