Houston Fashion & Senior Portrait Photographer

Over the passed few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and taking a personal inventory of myself and my life.  In my blog post “Just Do You” I talked about focusing on what I need to do and not focusing on what others are doing (whether personally or in business). Well, I’ve had one of my “Ah Ha!!” moments along my journey as I keep pushing forward. This moment is just about me coming to realize and fully believe that I truly am a great person with plenty to offer. Just because I may not be doing what I see others do or have all of the things that others have doesn’t make me any less of a person, artist or individual. In fact, it is precisely what makes me more of an individual…and truly unique! I don’t have to follow the latest trends or listen to the hottest music in order to feel and be complete or to be fine with who I am.

I believe that when God made me, he broke the mold and that is true for everyone. There is no one else in this entire world who is exactly like me, you or anyone else. Sure we all may have common interests, uniform personal features, identical cell phones, or even similar personality traits, but no two people are exactly the same!

I came to this realization the other night as I hung out with some fellow photographer friends and even made a few new friends. On the way home was when this moment occurred as I replayed the night and conversations in my head. Sure we talked about the latest camera gear and the newest movies, but I saw that we all have lots in common, but none of us are exactly the same. We are all working on building and maintaining our businesses, yet we allowed one another to be who we are without judgement or pretense and it felt really good. These are people who are part of one of my many communities and we support one another.  Who would have thought, people like me just as I am!

It was a freeing moment!

Since then I’ve heard this great song called “We are One” by Renee & Jeremy on Amy Parrish’s website, read Karen Walrond ‘s blog post declaring “I Am Enough” which led me to Tracy Clark’s “I Am Enough” Collaboration. I think that it’s great how things work out and how we receive confirmation in many ways on many things!

So, today, in this moment, right now, I am confessing and declaring that…I Am Enough!