On Thursday, July 2, 2009 Discovery Green, one of the popular new parks here in Houston, held an event in tribute to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. It was one huge dance party where everyone had the opportunity to learn the infamous moves to “Thriller”.  It was great! Just about everyone in attendance found themselves moving to the beat at one point or another! Those who wanted to watch kindly moved aside and let the more enthusiastic members of the crowd dance the night away! Today I’m sharing this tribute that took place in Houston, TX as MJ’s memorial takes place in LA. So, here are the pics!


ThrillerDiscGreen01 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen05 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen06 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen07 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen08 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen11 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen13 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen15 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen16 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen17 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen18 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen20 copy


ThrillerDiscGreen21 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen24 copy

ThrillerDiscGreen25 copy